How to get rid of razor bumps or razor burns

Learning how to get rid of razor bumps successfully is not difficult at all but you need to know the reason behind those bumps and take necessary precautions and prevention to stop them in the initial stage.The actual term is razor burn because of the inflammation and burning sensation on the bumps.

Some people are genetically more prone to get razor bumps then others because hair thickness and density directly affects the formation of bumps.Individuals with curly hair are more likely to have razor bumps.If you are one of those who have razor bumps(which is closely associated with ingrown hairs) you need to take special measure to prevent them.These bumps are a result of wrongly followed shaving directions which on some severe conditions becomes infected and worsen the situation.

Before learning how to get rid of razor bumps you need to learn how you get them in first place.When the hair is cut at the odd angle usually opposite to the direction of grain like if your hairs growth is downwards and then you shave upwards, chances are that sharp edged hair will penetrate and start growing near the skin surface.Our immune system fights and react to this intrusion which cause redness and bumps formation.
To accomplish this you need to take care of your skin before and after shaving.Exfoliate your shaving area regularly to keep your pores clean from dirt and microbes.Exfoliation will keep your follicule open and will the hair grows up instead of trapping in to the skin.

How to get rid of razor bumps fast

If you really want to get rid of razor bumps then its important theat you pay attention to below points -

- Give time to rinse your face or any other part that you are shaving with warm water this will make your skin soft and ready for shaving.

- Use a good old fasioned cream or form which ever you prefer and let it stand for a minute or so before shaving.If bumps are severe let the cream stand for couple of more minutes then stater shaving this will soften and relax you skin.

- If possible always use a new razor blade or make sure that you change them frequently.Razor can be the breeding place for bacteria which can cause infection making the situation worse.

- Like already mentioned shave in the direction of grain.If you shave against the grain then you have more likely a chance to get ingrown hairs.

- Rince shave area with cold water and later apply anteceptic lotions and good quality moisturizers after shaving.Don't use cheap products.

- Skincare products containing Salicyclic Acid appear to be the most effective to reduce redness ans sothe your skin. Hydrocortisone cream reduce inflamation in the bumps.

- After shaving apply a cream containing glycolic acid. Glycolic acid will  remove dead skin cells.This will reduce the chances for new razor bumps from forming.

If you have hairs that are deeply engrained in the skin,you can definately use tweezers.
Clean the tweezers with alcohol to sterilize them thereby minimising the chances of infection.Grab the hair between 2 prongs of tweezer and pull gently but quickly.Pulling quickly is the way to go.

Don't be impatient,change you shaving habit and follow these easy tips you will be amazed to see the difference.If none of this works,you can always consult a dermatologist who will give a more indepth suggestion and over the counter medications to give you a quicker relief.

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