Why do waxing causes ingrown hairs.

Waxing is everybody's favorite and definitely affordable way to remove hairs.Waxing causes ingrown hairs due to the hairs being pulled in the opposite direction of the grain, which damages and slightly moves the hair follicle, so with the regrowth hairs might grew in slightly wrong direction thus entering into the skin causing ingrown.Ingrown hairs are common in both males and female and they are completely random,one gets them maybe once in a year or once in life time.

Some peoples have complaint that they have more ingrown hair when using brazilian wax which causes black spots which are unsightly.
Dermatologist will recommend "body-sugaring" instead of brazilian wax because sugaring removes hair in the right direction of hair growth which eliminates any possibility of ingrown hair moreover it cause less irritation and less pain which make it a better choice for removing unwanted hairs.

Here is Dr. Neal Schultz explaining Why do waxing causes ingrown hairs.


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