Ingrown Hair Treatment at home

If you do shaving or waxing then you have to deal with ingrown hairs.Some of us take a tweezers and try to pull out ingrown hair, followed by squeezing the area to drain out the fluid while others who have patience will try to find the root cause of ingrown hairs and then try to take the best possible way to treat ingrown hairs and prevent them so that it does not disturbs in the future.

If You Have a Hair That Just Needs to Go, You Really Can Just Pluck It Out
If you need an immediate ingrown hair treatment, you can go ahead and just pluck it out. A quick flick, and the offending hair is gone.But if the situation is more sever then There are some steps that you want to take, in order to make this process effective and pain free.
  1. Be sure to cleanse your skin first with a mild cleanser so that you can wash away any impurities that might be sitting on the surface of your skin.
  2. Apply heat to the area for at least five minutes. This could mean a shower before you do it, or just a warm wash cloth that you hold on the area. 
  3. If the area is not infected, exfoliate around it with your favorite scrub.
  4. Apply some sort of disinfectant, such as hydrogen peroxide or an alcohol wipe from your first aid kit after you have pulled the hair.

Learn more Ingrown Hair Treatment methods

By following these steps for your ingrown hair treatment, you'll be able to easily pull out the ingrowing hair and keep your skin healthy and undamaged while doing it.

Utilize a Sugar Scrub To Get That Hair Back Into Place
If you want to know how to treat an ingrown hair, then sometimes you need to know that the most effective ingrown hair treatment isn't to remove the offending hair, but instead put it back into its rightful place. You can do that quite easily with your favorite facial scrub, but if you don't have a scrub around anywhere, you can easily make one out of some sugar. A sugar scrub will gently exfoliate your skin and remove the dead particles that could be causing your hair to grow inwards, and the oils that you add will help to smooth away any irritation. You'll need:
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • ½ cup Olive Oil
  • 15-20 drops lavender oil
Now you don't necessarily need the lavender oil, but if you do have it, it will help to condition your skin as you are scrubbing it with the granular sugars. You can substitute any good moisturizing lotion for the oil and still have an effective ingrown hair treatment, but use the lotion on your skin, not in the scrub mix.
All you need to do then is get your skin wet, and then with small, circular motions take your homemade sugar scrub and scrub lightly all over your skin, but especially where you have ingrown hairs.

Utilize an Aspirin Mask To It's Full Ingrown Hair Treatment Potential
Did you know that many ingrown hair treatment products contain aspirin as their primary active ingredient? That means you can take advantage of this fact when you want to know how to treat an ingrown hair because most of us have aspiring in our medicine cabinet that is easily available. Aspirin contain salicylic acid, which is what you can also purchase for acne treatment, and it works because it will literally peel off dead skin cells from the application area.
To make an effective aspirin mask, you will need to:
  1. Crush four aspirin tablets that are uncoated
  2. Mix them with just enough water or Olive Oil to create a paste for the area you want to treat. Water is used for oily or moisturized skin, while the oil is used for dry skin
  3. Add in a little honey. Medicinal honey like manuka honey can add a little extra benefit for some people too.
Then simply apply the paste to the affected area and let it throughly dry and you've figured out how to treat an ingrown hair effectively. This will generally take about ten minutes. Then simply remove with some warm water. If you utilize this method, you will want to do it in the morning right away and then right before bed each day until the ingrown hair has healed.

When you have an ingrown hair, it can be painful, irritating, and socially scarring if it is in a sensitive area. By utilizing an effective ingrown hair treatment like the ones above, you'll be back to yourself and pain free in no time at all.

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